About Us

“I have become increasingly convinced that even if people fully develop their potential, they cannot give direction to their lives, they cannot forge their destiny, they cannot take charge of their future—unless they also develop competence to take part directly and authentically in the design of the systems in which they live and work, and reclaim their right to do so. This is what true empowerment is about.”

(Bela Banathy, Designing Social Systems in a Changing World)

Welcome. This is a holding site while the main website is being developed for launch in Q1 2019 at WholeWealth.com.

Whole Wealth Group Ltd was incorporated in 2018 in the U.K. with a collective vision to grow into being a global network-based impact-driven enterprise and inclusive progress platform for the cultivation of bold, holistic, creative “whole wealth ecosystems” (or “whealth”, for short) for exciting, inclusive, sustainable, wise and fully flourishing futures for all.

Inspired by ideas, people, projects and technologies that enable, support and advance economic, social, cultural, environmental and evolutionary well-being and thrivability, we match financial and non-financial resources to meaningful systemic investment opportunities worldwide. To that end, our initial focus is the collaborative creation of the world’s first Global Whealth Fund.

What do we mean by “Whole Wealth”?

Our definitions of terms such as wealth, health, growth, happiness and success, influence our “stories and structures”, which influence and shape our patterns of thinking, sensing, relating, doing and being, and what we believe is or isn’t possible for individual and collective prosperity.  

Wealth originated from “weal” and “wel”, associated with health, healing, happiness, a state of good fortune and well-being, before a later narrower definition based on just money and saleable assets. In these volatile, fast and fragmented times, we must recapture these origins.

Whole – we are all whole parts of larger whole systems. From micro to macro scale, science is converging with ancient wisdom and spiritual traditions on the fundamental inter-connectedness of our unified and unifying reality, revealing whole new possibilities for all.

Hence we take a Whole Wealth (or “Whealth”, for short) approach, from personal to planetary scale, for identifying, cultivating, measuring, growing and evolving all forms value represented by the multi-capital tools we use for whole-system success: Doing well, doing good, being you.

In their various forms, real estate, money and finance, and technology, play a key part in all our lives. We mix and marry these elements with the boundless creative industries and use a whole wealth “all-win” approach for cooperation and collaboration across every sector of society, for lasting individual and collective success.

Whether at the socio-economic scale of a single organisation, community, industry, market, city, country, region or the entire world, we work with stakeholders who are intrinsically motivated beyond just personal and organisational financial success, and want to use their skills and resources for producing outcomes that are conducive to whole-system health, wealth, wisdom, wonder, peace, progress, joy and prosperity at all scales.

There is no time to lose. Together we can quickly “move the needle”, avert chaotic and perilous collapse of our outmoded, limiting and unsustainable current socio-economic systems, upgrade our “operating systems” and bring forth a global renaissance, unleashing abundant thrilling futures.